Picture Taking: Exploring Myself Through Photography @ Hackney Museum 18.07 – 31.12.2015


You are invited to the opening of a groundbreaking new exhibition by young photographers at Hackney Museum

Picture Taking photography exhibition @ Hackney Museum July - Dec 2015 #represent #diversity #hackney

Picture Taking photography exhibition @ Hackney Museum July – Dec 2015 #represent #diversity #hackney


Picture Taking: Exploring Myself Through Photography

This exhibition features the work of Emma, Qwayne, Mohamed, Jason, Izu and Luke, students at The Garden School in Hackney.

The Garden School supports children with special educational needs many with an autistic spectrum disorder. When words don’t come easily, photography offers a voice to those for whom everyday communication is a challenge.

Opening Celebration Saturday 18th July 10.30am-12noon Hackney Museum

Join us for the opening and have your free family portrait taken with The Garden School photographers Jack and Sam. Refreshments will be served.

This exhibition has been created as part of Re:present programme and will be part of UK Disability History Month 2015 focusing in on disability and representation within the media and film.

Find out more about this exhibition that has been funded by Arts Council England, supported by Hackney Council TRASC funding via http://www.hackney.gov.uk/c-museum-events.htm


Hackney Museum – http://www.hackney.gov.uk/c-museum-events.htm

The Garden School – http://www.the-garden.org.uk/

UK Disability History Month – http://ukdhm.org/

Being in good creative company feeds my soul…

I don’t find it that comfortable to write more personal blogs really only based on my own fears/limiting beliefs of sounding ‘preachy’ ‘showing off’ or ‘plain dull’. And I have decided to stop listening to my ‘mindtalk’ thanks to being blessed to having amazing butt kicking, bold, creative and truthtelling women around me who are inspiring me write how I speak – frankly, creatively, passionately and with warmth.

Two immediately spring to mind….

Yes to speaking, writing and creating from the heart...

Alison Kakande bumped into me at a Hackney Museum event and we discovered more than shared experience of working in communities. Her blog hits my heart every time and I love watching her grow her visions for her chat show, her online Stop Playing Small packages… READ MORE HERE.

Winsome Duncan aka Lyrical Healer aka bloody amazing lady. Similarly we met via some connection with working with creativity in communities and now I’ve the pleasure of sharing hub office space with her, belly laughs and more. Her ongoing rising to the top of her game founding the award winning MployMe is so down to her knowing how to give more than she seeks… READ MORE HERE.

All in all inspirational female company with inspirational companies serving communities to rise as they continue to grow.

It’s great when I finish work at the end of a long day to know in my heart I am in good creative company! My own and others…

Alison Kakande’s blog http://me-plus-fashion.strikingly.com/blog/a-little-help-from-your-friends

Lyrical Healer’s blog https://lyricalhealer.wordpress.com/2015/05/01/open-to-create

MployMe website http://www.mployme.org/

Getting creative in the face of uncertainty…

Ever find yourself not really sure why you are in a certain shop, or street?

Not really sure what propels you to pick up certain books, flyers or leaflets whilst out on a wander?

That’s how I first came to know of Jennifer Kavanagh, author of A Little Book of Unknowing… published yesterday!


Be open to create…
A Little Book Of Unknowing

I stumbled upon a flyer for Journey Home Game whilst co-curating Anxiety Festival 2014. I was searching for creative ways to inspire conversations about wellness and mental health.

And through telephone chats, realised shared connections via fellow Mental Health Foundation team and the Quakers – a new relationship and creative collaboration has evolved. Certainly not what I had expected when I found the flyer somewhere in Bloomsbury…

And the rest as they say is…

Well actually, who knows what comes next?

A Little Book of Unknowing is a gem of a book, that is slim enough to slip into your bag and ponder it’s wisdom, provocations and amazing array of quotes on the tube or train to work, as I have over the last 4 weeks.

So much of our day to day lives are planned to within inches or to do lists about to do lists. We believe we ‘have no room for error’ or that we can’t be a ‘failure’. What would life be like if we just let ourselves go ‘off plan’?

“Walk without a destination. Wander aimlessly without arriving,

            being somewhere rather than going somewhere.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Your own truths within are in fact found through the deeper understanding of what it is you don’t or can’t know. Discovered when you least expect it, off the beaten track…

Through reading Jennifer’s book you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement and be left with as many questions in different ways than before you began and this is a good thing.

As someone who for most of my life believed “I had to know it all or else I’d be stupid, a failure, a loser…” learning to know what I don’t know has been at times hugely painful, shameful and now finally liberating.

And learning to embrace what it is I do know is a hugely profound, now joyous and relieving experience.

“Phew I know what I know, and that which I don’t… now what can I bring into play?”

This is when creativity, play, imagination, improvisation comes more into life,  moment by moment…

 “For me, improv, as with all creativity and possibly all of life/Grace, is a matter of getting out of the way.” Tanya

This leads to more connected, synchronized and blessed interactions with ourselves, with others and Life.

This treasure of a book sensitively invites us into a greater sense of knowing our own abilities to create and live a life lived in creativity, meditation, love, faith and connection.

Connection to Grace, the Divine, The Great Unknown, Great Spirit, The Universe, God…

You can buy Jennifer’s book HERE

Jenny’s website HERE 

What can we learn to create from our earth?

Traditional Ute Prayer (native North American)

Cosmos daisies... the whole world in a flower

Cosmos daisies… the whole world in a flower

Earth teach me stillness as the grasses are stilled with light.

Earth teach me suffering as old stones suffer with memory.

Earth teach me humility as blossoms are humbled with beginning.

Earth teach me caring as the mother who secures her young.

Earth teach me courage as the tree which stands all alone.

Earth teach me limitations as the ant which crawls on the ground.

Earth teach me freedom as the eagle which soars in the sky.

Earth teach me resignation as the leaves which die in the fall.

Earth teach me regeneration as the seed which rises in the spring.

Earth teach me to forget myself as melted snow forgets its life.

Earth teach me to remember kindness as dry fields weep with rain.

What inspires you to give?

With the rash of ice bucket challenge films being made across the global by the great and the good I started to think about would my response be, if I were to be nominated…


Creatively accepting the dare to be part of the Ice Bucket Challenge…

Giving to any cause for me comes from the heart, a want to give back to a charity I believe does good work in a sector of society that needs support i.e. homelessness, housing, overseas aid

Or to causes friends inspire me to find out more about through their personal connections i.e. Harrison’s Fund or those who I deem ‘crazy’ enough to run a marathon for 

So mine time did come and I was called out to do my challenge, it even had a time limit on, which I missed by a day…

And that’s ok as the dare was more than just to fill up a bucket of water with ice and throw it over my head on film… it was an invite to be true to myself and consider one more time what and whom would I want to give my money to and how would I respond given wasting water is not a cool thing to do in my world.

My response was based on being a fundraiser for over 15 years in different guises with the belief that giving needs to be through free choice not through feeling awkward, pressured to conform or being accepted and fit in. 

My hope is my version of the ice bucket, well ice tray challenge, is a truer reflection of the creative individual I am who through free choice gives creatively either because I have so much more than enough in my life to share around and/or sometimes it’s worth not having in my more than abundant life so others I may never know can benefit from clean water, a roof over their head, a friendly face and hot food…

What inspires you to give? Have you been nominated? If yes, what was your response?

Tell me what you think…

No really… 

Feedback used to scare the bejesus out of me… I read it all like criticism, new ways to add to my own internal mindtalk trains of very unhelpful and self critical chatter.

Now I welcome feedback as a tool for change, growth and love to learn (on the whole) what I can use to improve myself and what I love to be and do in the world.

Share the love - I want to know what you think!

Share the love – I want to know what you think!

So if you feel called to share your thoughts about any experiences you have had of working directly with me or if you have stumbled across me via Google, a random repost or share… then check out the links below;

For those who have worked directly with me via coaching sessions, workshops or event

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For those of you who have found me more indirectly

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For both there is an opt in at the end for our prize draws for winning one of 2 lots of £40 vouchers for Cass Arts!

Deadline 5th September 2014

Big Thank Yous in advance…

Open To Create… really would be just another idea if not for so many folk buying into what I am about…

4 Rooms for Living In – essentials for self nurture and self care…

Clara Jones & I first connected via Twitter… and the rest, as they say, is history. Living proof that there still is genuine, mutually supportive and authentic relationships to be made across the twittering classes.

Like me Clara is a coach who works mainly with women with North Wales as herphysical base whilst she weaves her unique blend of creative coaching, mentoring and personal development with women 1-2-1 or in groups across the world.

I can now say I am in the great company of an ever growing number of inspirational women who Clara interviews for her website and blog http://www.4roomsliving.co.uk/

I have answered a range of questions all about different aspects of self nurture and care and where I get side tracked, reach burn out and simple ways I do my best each day to stay on track…

You can keep up to date with what is inspiring Clara each day via her Twitter account…  @4roomsliving

And keep re-visiting her website as she add more and more new women’s stories of self care & love… inspirational and safe haven to re-visiting when you feel a wee bit wobbly, as is natural. Happy reading & sharing!


Self nurture and self care… what’s inspired me to keep on keepin’ on

How to grow robust & sustainable creative businesses?

Well it’s a good question and not one that can be ironed out over a cuppa…

I understand how overwhelming it can be to look at making your business and your life more ‘green’ and/or sustainable – this has been a passion of mine ever since primary school and a workshop we took part in on packaging – see the slide with the After Eights boxes…

Open To Create… is my day to day expression in the world of being part of co-creating an inheritable world for many future generations of all species on this planet.

I trust you enjoy and find inspiration in the slides from my workshop “Giving Your Business The Green Light” run in partnership with University of East London as part of their Make It Global programme with The Centre of Excellence for Women’s Entrepreneurship

An Oasis of Calm @ Dragon Cafe – 23rd June 2014 12 noon – 8.30pm

A truly unique community of creatives, who each Monday at the heart of London next to Borough Tube offer a FREE smorgasbord of creative activities, talks, massage and wellbeing sessions…

This week Dragon Cafe are considering the different pushes and pulls on the relationship between patient and doctor within the mental health care system… and much more! Dragon Cafe are working in collaboration with the Anxiety Arts Festival London 2014

And the partnership with Borough Market is in full swing to share produce that would otherwise go to waste being used for good in the Cafe kitchen to make super tasty food for the soul!


A real oasis of calm in the city! Dragon Cafe rocks!

Stereohype Brixton Festival 21st June 2014 – challenging stigma, inspiring change…


For real a jammed packed event full of ways to relax, kick back and connect…