Getting really bored and stuck is creative…

Yes it is!

Even though we think these are not mindstates or feeling fields to be in to move anything forward from. But out of the total frustration and “boredom” of the reality we have created for ourselves we can shift significantly forward.

I have learnt now that out of the totally crap I have found myself in the gold comes… and not without a big push through the avoidance, hiding, projection onto other people for being the reasons for my woes, blaming the Government, the weather etc. etc.

Seeking new meanings that actually re-ignite old passions and stir new purposes give the fuel to kick start the engines of creativity again.

So keep the faith if you are in a similar sounding and/or feeling space – not a creative block more a creative unallowing of the ways things “should” be and the behaviours you keep doing to keep you stuck. Think of it as a re-letting of the creativity back into the spaces stopping allows for and a new found, slowly but surely steady step by step back into your creative flow…

Then it’s about being kind, loving and gentle as you let yourself ease yourself back onto the saddle, as it were!