Creative Thinking comes to East London…

My favourite type of thinking… so I’m super excited to launch a new longer Creative Thinking course. Over the 5 week 2.5 hour session I’ll be guiding you through the steps to bring your idea to life.

Introduction to Creative Thinking 2016

Enrol for this course:

Telephone 020 7364 5665 between 10 – 4pm, Monday – Friday, with the course details and have your credit or debit card ready.

Course code C2404

Drop into your local Idea Store, with the course details, and ask at the desk.

Course code C2404



Life is what you…

Make it...

your own unique version of creativity…

Ever act is a creative one… most days getting out of bed can be biggest and then each step from the bed onwards requires choice. I get such a thrill making the images I post (see above) out of a retro spelling/word game found in a charity shop somewhere in East London. Then making up statements mostly to inspire myself, to see something a little bit different from the usual Instagram fodder and I hope inspire you to make what you will of your next moment, creative project or………. 

Starting from 23rd April 2015 I’ll be launching a 5 week Creative Thinking Course via Idea Store, Whitechapel, East London, UK… will you join me?

Enrollment sign up HERE

The Power of Self Esteem – a course in self esteem enhancement in East London

Self esteem enhancement course from the More To Life mentor course programme

Self esteem enhancement course from the More To Life mentor course programme

Really I teach what I want to re-remember and embed in my day to day life.

And this is the true joy of mentoring the Self Esteem Enhancement course in partnership with the More To Life global programme  of mentoring courses… you have a rich life experience that once you have taken this course you can train to be a mentor and share the work with your own communities.

This is what first fuelled my passion for the SEE work both a want to learn the simple tools for myself and to share these with people I know in my communities…

I organised my first SEE course back in January 2008 to make it possible for me to learn the work. Now I have set up the 5 week course in May 2014 for those who are interested from in and around Tower Hamlets and East London.

The Power of Self Esteem – a Self Esteem Enhancement course

5 Saturday 3 hours sessions

1.30pm – 4.30pm

Idea Store Whitechapel, 321 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1BU

Open To Create The Life You Want To Live!

True self esteem empowers you to enjoy greater wellbeing.

Deeper connections with friends, family & wider personal and professional relationships.

Alongside the most important person in your life – YOU!

You will meet weekly with a small group of fellow students (max 14) in a safe & confidential environment.

You are supported to learn practical tools that you can continue to use to enhance & generate your self esteem after the course is complete. As part of the course fee you receive a set of CD’s to help motivate & inspire you throughout the course & beyond.

You will be able to secure your place via our Eventbrite booking page – see below


£210 – full time working
£155 – part time working
£85 – concessions

Creative Thinking… a new 5 week course about expanding your creative horizons

Image by Anna B. Sexton

Discover your creative thinking & problem solving skills

This is the very best of being able to create the work I love and share what gets me super excited in Life… with community members from East London and beyond…

Creative Thinking is a course I’ve written to encourage you re-discover the senses of touching, feeling, hearing, tasting and seeing your world in new and exciting ways.

How cool to be able to cook up over 10 hours worth of playful games, exercises and assignments for those of you curious about re-finding that inner creative child who used to be able to play so freely and without boundaries.

As we ‘grow’ up we sometimes forget to release our inner joy at the everyday.

And to face into what can sometimes seem like insurmountable problems with the joy de vivre of the wide eyed, stars in their hands innocent…

Care to take yourself on a journey of re-discovery, playful exploration and lighthearted thinking about the deeper questions we have in Life?

Creative Thinking 5 week course (C2404)

Starts: 24th April each Thursday for 5 weeks
What’s in it for you? Tap into your inner creativity and help yourself to come up with new insights and solutions.

Where: Idea Store Chrisp Street
Times: 6.30pm
Ends: 9pm

Open To Create… has written a creative thinking course especially for
Idea Store Learning programme to help you get creatively inspired to problem solve in new, fun,
creative ways and to boost your confidence to move forward this Spring 2014

By booking your place on this course you will;
• Expand understanding of creative thinking
• Apply creative thinking tools to create new ways to move forward with a challenge/ Problem or setting into motion your new idea
• Show greater willingness to risk and ability to trust – notable shift from beginning of the course

The course aim is to open up the power of creative thinking and making to as many people as possible. Thanks to the partnership between Open To Create… and Idea Store Learning these
sessions are being offered at £34 / £22 concessions.

Class size is approximately 14 people.

To secure your place in the workshop you need to book in advance

Call 020 7364 5665 between 10am – 4pm with the course details (C2404)
and your credit or debit card ready to pay for the course.


Pop into any of the Idea Stores or Learning Centre across Tower Hamlets,
London and pay with cash, cheque or debit/credit card.

If you want to find out more please feel free to call me at
Open to Create… HQ

For more information about what Open To Create are up to check out


Intro to Coaching 5 week course from 6th November 2013 (code A2403)

A 5 week evening course starting Wednesday  6th November 2013

6.30pm until 9pm

Idea Store Whitechapel, 321 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1BU

Idea Store Learning has put together with Open To Create… a 5 week course introducing

coaching to help you grow your key skills and talents to boost your confidence and

chances of success. Suitable for people keen to discover how to get the best from themselves

and others in any situation in Life.

Book by calling up 020 7364 5665 between 10am – 4pm course code A2403

Intro to Coaching Whitechapel Idea Store Anna B. Sexton

Intro to Coaching
Whitechapel Idea Store
Anna B. Sexton

Coaching Taster @ Idea Store Whitechapel 2nd November 2013

Creative Coaching in East London Anna B. Sexton, Open To Create...

Creative Coaching in East London
Anna B. Sexton, Open To Create…

Creative Thinking… how you can be more creatively playful

CREATIVE THINKING WORKSHOPS – as part of Idea Store, Tower Hamlets, London UK ‘Summer School’

1st August 1pm -3 pm

Shadwell Learning Centre, Off the Highway, London E14 

BOOK YOUR £5 ticket via this link

Imagine you have a paper bag in front of you… 

You are invited to put your hand into it with your eyes shut…

With your eyes shut you stick your hand into the bag however feels most right for you…

You delve around in the bag and come into contact with all manner of objects large and small…

Some you can recognise through the shape your can touch, the outline of a familiar form…

Other’s feel alien to you – sharp, crinkly or smooth…

Anna B. Sexton from Open To Create...

Creative Thinking workshop @ Idea Store, Tower Hamlets

What are these objects, what do they mean and why this collection of objects all brought together in the bag this way?

Well this creatively playful exercise is The Bag of Creative Surprises  and forms part of  Creative Thinking workshop running as part of Idea Store Summer School July & August 2013.

The purpose of the workshops are to invite you to approach your challenges in more curious and creative ways.

To make your own Bag of Creative Surprises collect together the following materials;

  • A paper bag/s
  • A collection of random objects i.e. a wrapped sweet, a pebble, cotton wool, paper clip, leaf – this can be expanded and opened up depending on what is available to you
  • 2 x pieces of blank A4 paper
  • A pen

Place all the objects in your bag

Make some time that will be interrupted i.e. no music, kids, pets etc.

Ask yourself either of following questions (or tweaked version to best serve your purpose)

“What biggest challenge that I currently face can be solved by me sticking my hand into the Bag of Creative Surprises?”

“How best can I learn what I need to learn by sticking my hand into the Bag of Creative Surprises?”

Then in your own time with your eyes shut stick your hand into the bag… take at least 5 minutes to experience, play with and experiment with the experience of doing this and the thoughts, answers, ideas that spring up from the process.

When you feel ready to begin writing down what you have learnt do so – and keep writing until you feel its come out

Then stop for a 5 minute break to break your state and then come back to revisit your insights.

From the writing you made in response to your challenge – ask yourself the next set of questions

What are the nuggets of wisdom?

What are the clear actions you want to take forward? Pick no more than 5 with clear time frames so you can measure how on track you are.

Then test out the actions by asking;

  •  How realistic & practical are they?
  • How excited you are about taking these on?

And go forth and create… whatever it is you will have come up with new creative angles on your current big challenge

My hope is had more insight into your own unique creative outlook on Life. Just by sticking your hand into a paper bag…which is a lot like Life

i.e. you get as much as you stick your hand into it!

BOOK YOUR PLACE – NOW via this link