5p bag tax – Urging the Government to tax the supermarkets who insist on using unethical, unsustainable plastic packaging…

I did actually laugh when I heard the Government is proudly bringing in a 5 pence tax to consumers from 2015 for using plastic bags from supermarkets – BBC from 14.09.13

Not that I am against this… and the money does go to charity (said in a Smashy & Nicey voice) but it falls so massively short of the bigger issues that where the laugh or was it more of a chocking sound, sounding like a laugh or sharp intake of breath?

Like an older lady I have for sometime now (about a year) been collecting all of the plastic packaging that comes from my supermarket purchases which are ‘not currently recycled’.


Because I increasingly feel uneasy, if not queasy about throwing this rubbish in the ‘general’ rubbish for its longer term consequences or throwing it away into the recycling thinking”that’s someone else’s job to deal with’ and risking contaminating the recycling which also has massive consequences.

Damned if I do, damned if I don’t right…

Well not in a going straight to hell type way more in I don’t think its sustainable to hoard this amassing pile of plastics in my flat… they’ll end up doing one of those hoarding shows on me, and that’s not so cool.

So my question to the Government – is what are their policies on any companies who in the 21st century are still rolling out thousands of lines in ‘currently not recycled packaging’?

It’s all sorts as well from Tescos, Sainsburys, Morrisons through to those you’d hope would know and act better – Waitrose and The Cooperative – see my photos below.

It falls on us all to check out packaging more and demand brands stop the use of such non-ethical and biodegradable materials… it’s so last century when smaller brands such as Suma Food products have been using PET packing for the last few years. If they can why can’t the big players too?

TAX them for using these materials and you’ll soon see a turnaround as it will effect the bottom line – which is after all what the companies in question are driven by, whatever their mission statements may claim

image by Anna B. Sexton

Sort it out Coop… call yourself ethical, shame on you!


You can do much, much better than this Morrisons…


Waitrose, once my favourite, most trusted supermarket… now as bad as the rest