Picture Taking: Exploring Myself Through Photography @ Hackney Museum 18.07 – 31.12.2015


You are invited to the opening of a groundbreaking new exhibition by young photographers at Hackney Museum

Picture Taking photography exhibition @ Hackney Museum July - Dec 2015 #represent #diversity #hackney

Picture Taking photography exhibition @ Hackney Museum July – Dec 2015 #represent #diversity #hackney


Picture Taking: Exploring Myself Through Photography

This exhibition features the work of Emma, Qwayne, Mohamed, Jason, Izu and Luke, students at The Garden School in Hackney.

The Garden School supports children with special educational needs many with an autistic spectrum disorder. When words don’t come easily, photography offers a voice to those for whom everyday communication is a challenge.

Opening Celebration Saturday 18th July 10.30am-12noon Hackney Museum

Join us for the opening and have your free family portrait taken with The Garden School photographers Jack and Sam. Refreshments will be served.

This exhibition has been created as part of Re:present programme and will be part of UK Disability History Month 2015 focusing in on disability and representation within the media and film.

Find out more about this exhibition that has been funded by Arts Council England, supported by Hackney Council TRASC funding via http://www.hackney.gov.uk/c-museum-events.htm


Hackney Museum – http://www.hackney.gov.uk/c-museum-events.htm

The Garden School – http://www.the-garden.org.uk/

UK Disability History Month – http://ukdhm.org/


Cathja Curates – new film by Albert Potrony @ Hermitage Moorings 18th -21st June 2014

The Potential Space is a new artist film made by artist Albert Potrony in collaboration with Friends of Cathja, Dave Auld and Dan Saul.

You will have your chance to jump into the world of Cathja through Albert’s eyes 18th – 21st June 2014 as part of Anxiety Arts Festival London 2014.

You really just have to bring yourself and immerse yourself in the power of making for the sake of it, and discover how unjudged creative processes support new found confidence, friendship and healing tucked away in a hidden corner of Isleworth on Friends of Cathja Dutch Barge.

Private view 18th June 6.30pm – 8pm Hermitage Moorings, Wapping London reserve a place HERE

Photograph – Albert Potrony 2014


A lyrical and touching portrait of a community uncovering their true potential through making…

The Potential Space – Albert Potrony films Friends of Cathja

The Potential Space – a film by artist Albert Potrony.

A film developed during a period of research when Albert visited with Friends of Cathja boat in Isleworth, London between December 2013 – May 2014.

The film allows you to submerge into a hidden world of making in free and unjudged ways, most of us would be unfamiliar with. You will get the feel of the rhythms of work made by Cathja’s friends and how they learn new ways of being and connecting in this safe space.  Cathja is a Dutch barge moored in Isleworth and is a regular meeting place for adults seeking support at different times of challenge and isolation. The boat provides a place for meeting, making and moving forward very much at each individual’s pace and flow.

Commissioned by Friends of Cathja and the Mental Health Foundation for Anxiety Arts Festival London 2014.

Funded by Time To Change.

Cooltan Arts – well they are cool!

Mad Hatters Tea Party 14th June 2014 1pm – 6pm 

CoolTan Arts opens its doors for a fun filled afternoon at the Mad Hatters Tea Party as part of Anxiety Arts Festival London 2014.

With four FREE workshops running and the official opening of our new exhibition, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party will be a chance to try out new things and get creative. There is no need to book, everyone is welcome to turn up on the day.


Truly a space where you can come as you are a be welcomed..











Food and Mood, 1-2pm: ‘An interactive, hands-on, drop-in workshop looking at foods that have both positive and negative impacts on our nervous systems, sleep cycles and brain functions.

Understanding ‘Panic Attacks’, 2.15-3.45pm: “What is a panic attack? And how come it can make you feel like you’re going mad or having a heart attack?”

Postcard Art-‘A Message 2U’ , 2.30-3.30pm:
‘A Message 2U’, from Object to Word(s) an Image Emerge!
Come along and bring along; something dear to you or even discarded, such as a newspaper clipping, old lipstick, favourite mug, photograph, past postcard, extract of text, or a poem..

Anxious to get painting, 4.-5pm:
Get creative and practice your painting skills in this fun art workshop. No previous experience necessary!

SummerTime Blues: Art Exhibition Opening, 5-6pm: Private viewing of the new exhibition Summertime Blues. All artwork is created by CoolTan participants in creative workshops, and the theme is ‘anxiety & summer’. The exhibition is open from 11 June-11 August but this event marks the official opening.

Free entry – no tickets required

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is part of the Anxiety Arts Festival London 2014: http://anxiety2014.org/

Info: 020 7701 2696/ Olivia@cooltanarts.org.uk.


And on 21st June 2014… Largactyl Shuffle a night walk to celebrate the Summer Solistice and learn more of the darker side of London’s history in relation to mental health care…


Giving centre stage to London’s less well known creative communities…

You know of amazing projects happening in your own backyard, perhaps you even run one or attend a group that inspires you to reconnect with yourself after a hard day, unwind after a long week and more importantly feel a sense of connection to where you live or work…

Seeking out such groups on some of the more well hidden nooks and crannies of London has been at the heart of co-curating Anxiety Arts Festival London 2014 – and now June is finally here do take the many opportunities we have cooked up with The Dragon Cafe, Mental Fight Club, Mind and Soul Choir, Friends of Cathja, Cooltan Arts and Lambeth Addiction recovery just to name few… blink and you will have missed so many treats!

Art Walks – creatively playing in nature with Tim Ridley

It’s pleasure to be supporting Tim Ridley to creative and reach to new and curious audiences as part of his Artist in Residency on Epsom & Ashtead Common, Epsom, Surrey, UK.

The surprise pleasure is how inspired I have been personally to get back into new and freeing ways of drawing…

I joined in on the 1st Art Walk 23rd June 2013 –  see my drawings from that day. http://annabsexton.tumblr.com/post/53697392676/beautiful-memories-from-tim-ridley-art-walk

image by Anna B. Sexton

Super inspired on Epsom & Ashtead Common













This then led me onto more playing around back at my studio with stencils, graphite, paper and spray mount… http://annabsexton.tumblr.com/post/53868999484/whats-on-the-back-negativespace-newcollage

image by Anna B. Sexton

Back to front stencils… negative space












My favourite being this one below for it’s spectral quality… http://annabsexton.tumblr.com/post/53869019500/mark-making-stencils-with-graphite-glue

image by Anna B. Sexton

Ghostly figures – animals fading into the past












Tim has secured funding from Arts Council England to enable him to design and lead 3 Art Walks.

The last one is on 1st September 2013 & it’s FREE to join in – so it’s a no brainer to get your walking boots on, pack a picnic and get thee to the muster point on Epsom Common for 11.30am

Book your place here http://timridleyartwalks2013.eventbrite.co.uk/

The Shuby art journey so far… the rise of a creative force to be reckoned with


Find more of Shuby's art via www.shuby.co.uk

Carmen with strawberries by Shuby ©

As a proud owner of a Shuby piece it’s with great excitement to read an artist book dedicated to her creative journey in the last 6-7 years.

Her work is fun, playful and a tongue firmly stuck out at the world of ‘high’ art whilst remaining thought provoking and inspirational.

In creative collaboration with Disastronaut they have created an e-book you can access via


Shuby’s art can be found at http://www.shuby.co.uk 

Big up inspirational creative woman #1. Megastar #mylife

JVA Project Space - Meg Mosley Show

Meg Mosley Megastar
Jerwood Show
13th May 2013

Now she’s just somebody that I used to know… well she certainly retains a certain resemblance to a friend of mine called Meg but it can’t be? Can it?

If it is her she has come a long way from Community Arts Training and intergenerational projects back in the day in Wiltshire… Maybe I need to get my eyes tested?

Megastar has risen from the quiet streets and shopping malls of Trow-Vegas; a market town way out yonder West Country, UK

And boy, oh, boy we better be ready for her – TOWIE and Made In Chelsea have met a potential match…

But what is Megastar all about and how is Meg Mosley involved?

Over the coming 3 months at Jerwood JVA Project Space 

JVA Project Space – Meg Mosley show 13st May – 31st August 2013

So who is Megastar? 

Who is she in fact? The real deal, a facsimile of all that we hold dear or away from us at arms length in the currently over saturated celebrity culture?

She is not to be messed with yet with some gentle steps an approach can be made into the the inner circle of Megastar and her entourage of dedicated followers and fans.

Think high glamour, outrageous glamour and something of the middle England high street thrown in for good measure.

She is nothing if not a dichotomy.

Mark my word get amongst her unique brand of self directed fame and fortune and you too could be your own Megastar 

However be warned there will only ever be one Megastar

Fake wannabes need not apply or attend for that matter as her security management team will bounce you out.

You have been warned!

Jerwood Show 

Jerwood Visual Arts presents a new body of work titled #mylife by Wiltshire-based artist Meg Mosley. This solo presentation features two films; Agog, The Grandmother Diaries’ and Viva Trow Vegas, Just a small town girl and the launch of an online music video, which will take place during the course of the exhibition.

Meg’s website – check out her amazing films especially the one her with her ‘Gogs’ in Lourdes!

Meg’s artist Facebook page – come on’ you follow this rising start and get amongst her meteoric rise to fame!

Megastar trending #mylife

More information about the show

Mosley’s work explores the documentary format and how stories can be manipulated, published and spread through the internet. Her projects often involve her family and friends as source material, as well as engaging local communities who participate as part of large-scale, orchestrated, performances and gatherings. These events are normally organised through social media channels and are then retold and re-presented through narrated video documentary.

The films on display in the JVA Project Space attempt to explore issues to do with belonging in two distinct areas of influence; the understanding of the love, friendship and family life and the trials of ageing; and the influences that reality television, glossy magazines and short-lived ‘celebrity’ fame has on those who live in ordinary towns, in this case the town of Trowbridge (Trow Vegas) in Wiltshire.

Agog: The Grandmother Diaries is a documentary record of Mosley’s relationship with her grandmother, offering an intimate and rare insight into the granddaughter-grandmother relationship. In this work, the artist explores her grandmother’s belief that glamour represents a form of empowerment. The film is an interplay of humour and reflection. Through the course of this film, the artist and her grandmother engage in a series of parties, holidays and photo-shoots that are inspired by her grandmother’s glamorous past and lust for life.

The second film Viva Trow Vegas, Just a small town girl sees the artist travel to Las Vegas in search of the glamour and extravagance that is used as a reference point in her home town. This two year project is the culmination of a study of glamour in its contemporary guise. Mosley uses different media, including video, photography and film, to record a wide range of interactions. In doing so, she teases out the joy and pathos in examples of contemporary culture and takes her home town of Trowbridge on and adventure inspired by the glitzy constructed world of Las Vegas.

During the exhibition Mosley will launch an exclusive music video online which was shot in her home town of Trowbridge and will be shown on YouTube. Please visit this page shortly for further details.

Open to Create… known for for igniting people’s creativity in unique, quirky and playful ways.

image by Anna B. Sexton

Creative Coaching, creative mentoring, creative play, creative thinking workshops

Open To Create… offer a creative smorgasbord of creative coaching, mentoring and playful workshop sessions.

Creative MOT sessions will re-ignite your creative process and vision.

Bag of Creative Surprises workshops take your creative ideas to a new depths.

And our magical Ignite Your Creativity Retreats will “open doors onto your imagination, heart & mind you wouldn’t know were there.”

Join in the creative action via Open To Create… Facebook page

Please contact Anna B Sexton, Director to find out more about how we can support you to be more open to creating a thriving and super successful creative business.

We work with people with ideas for start up businesses through to those with more established enterprises who want to take it to the next level.

Your interest in Open To Create… matters as do any questions, ideas & feedback you have.

Drop us a line now using the form below or call 07941 655 856 or 020 7515 9451

All Around Our Houses by Anna B. Sexton

Image by Anna B. Sexton

Poet & artist
Miriam Nash & Anna B. Sexton
or is it
Anna B. Sexton & Miriam Nash?

Been doing some more writing for my book & work related courses & training programmes.

And in the process of doing so re-visited a book of poems I created back in May 2010 as part of a collaboration with poet, writer & performer; Miriam Nash

Follow this link to take a trip down my memory lanes through my poems dedicated to each house I have lived in since being born


A new poem is due for addition since moving back in the summer…watch this space

We worked together to co-author a blog