Creatively exploring…

Best #64millionartists challenge yet… Exploring

Today, go somewhere you’ve never been before and really look. It could be a place just around the corner or somewhere further away. It could be down a corridor or in a cupboard. It could even be into a book or a box of things. Document it however you’d like to. Just explore something new….

Looking underneath, and in different ways to my everyday, familiar surroundings…

So much better than any of the themed projects we were given at art school… I had some much fun crouching around on the floor seeking out something to shoot.


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Creating a photo an hour during my day #64millionartists


Random acts 0f kindness – #everydaycreativity

Another #64millionartists challenge I liked… I enjoy the whole process of creating, sharing and the after effects of random acts of kindness.

Who am I really being kind to? The person/s who may or may not receive my act of kindness in that spirit or myself? The giver and receiver simultaneously…

This one was definately a win/win as I have a purpose to be more involved with my green fingered passions of gardening, sharing plants and being outdoors more…


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Day 6 #doodle how you feel #64millionartists #everydaycreativity

Oh I thought I like this challenge a lot! I love doodling soooo much…

And when would I do said doodling as I’ve been out & about on Open To Create… creative business building today?

Post talking therapy session where I felt proud & a massive sense of shift in energies for me. And pride has such a bad rep… looks and feels expansive, joyous & blooming colourful to me!


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What I’ve lost in the past… day 5 #64millionartists

Losing balance
Connection to my inner fire, passion
Too many watches to mention
Funny bones
Ha, ha, ha…
Sentimental jewellery from long dead relatives
And sometimes peace of mind


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What my 8 year old shared…

It was odd inviting my inner 8 year old out of the dark closet whilst going around my getting back into work Monday after the Christmas break…

Quite hard at first to recall anything I liked or did back when I was 8… although slowly Roald Dahl, making dens and the brownies came back into mind… a picture below of what immediately came to mind. And insights did come;

  • You don’t need loads of friends, just really good ones.
  • Draw with pencils
  • Stay up late reading


Plus I got to use the notes/brainstorming/delicious doodling section of my Leonie Dawson Life workbook = double win!


Dance till you feel it…

Day 3 of #64millionartists

Blimey it is actually quite a challenge to come up with something creative on order especially when I was feeling very sluggish & tired. So I sneaked a peek at day 3 challenge – dancing for a least 20 minutes to any of these top 100 tunes on Youtube Top 100 Most Downloaded songs 2004-2014

YES!! Dancing around the kitchen, mini raving down my hallway and bouncing around whilst putting out the washing = #everydaycreativity

No current pictorial evidence… and in my head I look like the best of the best dancers in Pharrell Williams – Happy video!

And it’s reminded me you don’t need a night club to rave… and listen to more of our vinyl collection




Creating everyday – day 2

Sometimes the creative answer is right in front of your face…

So how was I going to make/create for over 20 minutes today when to be fair I wasn’t feeling that inspired…

Yet whilst getting into my catching up on my chores I got into re-painting the floors in our kitchen and bathroom.

The whole process reconnected me with my love of painting for the sheer movement it inspires in me, the physical process of laying down the paint, and memories of my love of being a decorator and missing aspects of that job now…




Happy New Year…

2016 is here…

And I have a deep purpose to be more creative for myself to become more centred in myself.

image by Anna B. Sexton

Creative Coaching, creative mentoring, creative play, creative thinking workshops

So what to do? And how? Especially how to keep the momentum up…

Well luckily 64 Million Artists is running a series of daily and weekly creative challenges to inspire #everydaycreativity which is one of my biggest passions.

I will do my best to upload a piece of creative making, work and/or doodling here either daily or weekly…

I will look forward to seeing what takes form, what being purposeful for up to and more than 20 minutes a day with my own creative making invites into  my life.