ELCBWN 30.09.13 guest speaker… Jessica Rose – founder of the London Jewellery School

Guest speaker for September 2013 meet up of East London Creative Business Women Network

Guest speaker for September 2013 meet up of East London Creative Business Women Network

The East London Creative Business Women Network is ever evolving and with Petra, co-founder deciding to give it 100% to her own and deep:black projects I was a little stumped about how to harness such collaborative energy for the post Summer East London Creative Business Women Network meet up…

As luck would have it on that day I received an email from JESSICA ROSE, Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Founder of the London Jewellery School… asking if ELCBWN invited guest speakers…

And thus I had my answer and excitingly Jessica is now the guest speaker for our next gathering… phew! Creative Collaboration back into full swing again…

What you can expect from Jessica on Monday 30th September 2013…

Jessica will give an informal talk about her experience and journey in setting up a multi-award winning creative business from scratch, sharing the good, bad and everything in-between for plenty of inspiration, ideas and advice. Following this there will be a Q&A session and some creative brainstorming.
Everyone is welcome to come along no matter what stage they are at with their business bring your ideas and questions and we look forward to seeing you there. 

Book your place via http://elcbwn.eventbrite.co.uk/ we ask you pay what you can on the night to keep the events as open & inclusive as possible.

A bit more about Jessica and her background: 

Multi-award winning entrepreneur and business expert Jessica Rose is the owner and Director of the London Jewellery School, the world’s largest jewellery training centre. She set up the business aged just 21 in 2009 with only one class a month from a community hall in South London and now the school is a huge success having trained over 7,000 students with the running of over 50 classes per month. Her achievements in building a thriving business from scratch have been recognised by the local and national press including features in Marie Claire, The Times, Vogue, Daily Mail and Daily Experss to name a few and she has stared in interviews/ documentaries on the BBC, ITV and Sky News. She is also a regular blogger for huffinton post and ambassador of a number of organisations supporting young people and women in to business. For more on her story see – http://www.jessicaroselondon.com and for more about the London Jewellery School visit http://www.londonjewelleryschool.co.uk

Are you Open To Create… 3 month volunteer placement offered. Deadline 20th September 2013

I have been a volunteer on and off for over 20 years and know first hand the amazing benefits of volunteering. I have run different volunteer, intern and work placement programmes for over 15 years and love the satisfaction of a person willing to contribute learn and grow from being willing to give to a company.

Charlotte Hogg was an intern whilst I was working with Bow Arts – she was an awesome, go getting woman on a mission to suck up as much experience from working in the gallery, curating P1 show through to handling the rain on the opening night of the Open Studios with grace and good humour. She went onto to secure a place on the Whitechapel Interns programme and now works for the Royal Academy… 

See Charlotte’s reference below…

  1. Charlotte Hogg

    Charlotte Hogg
    Press Assistant at Royal Academy of Arts
    Anna has a clear can-do attitude which makes even the hardest of tasks seem like light work. Dependable, committed and loyal, Anna is a pleasure to work with. Being a natural people person she is happy to share these wonderful qualities with an ever growing professional network, one that helped me begin my own career and which I know has helped many others in turn. My time…more

    May 24, 2011, Charlotte worked indirectly for Anna B. at Bow Arts Trust

So it’s a little nerve wracking to admit to limitations of any kind? Especially when it requires bringing new people to your inner world of your business…

But it’s time to take the plunge at Open To Create… so I can focus on more strategic grow whilst knowing the detail is being handled.

We are offering a 3 month volunteer placement at 1 day a week…

Deadline for applying is 20th September 2013.

See below for a link to the role description…

Have a creative power day


How do you creatively power your day up?

Today I meditated,  cooked up a power breakfast of veggies, artisan bread, British goat’s cheese followed by a power cycle into the wind.

I have a lovely creative catch up with Marianne Hartley – Hartley & Soul Designs @ Tate Modern.

Then some r&r at my acupuncturist.

Followed by reviewing what’s new on the creative project horizons.

What do you like to do to create your most powerful days?

Do tell!!

Posted by Anna B. Sexton out & about on creative & playful journeys
Find out more about Open To Create… http://www.opentocreate.com

Creative collaboration grows reciprocal networks…

How? Which way? and quite frankly Why?

Creative Choices article by Meena Toor

Creative Choices article by Meena Toor
Effective Networking

Indeed… these days with social media and it’s proliferating ways of reaching out via text, photos and now video via Instagram… where will it end?

Do you often feel overwhelmed and not really sure what the point maybe of getting involved? And whatever happened to face to face meet ups?

Don’t give up is the message from me, someone who like you can’t always see the benefits of doing the ‘social’  media thing as well as the face to face networking…

Well hopefully this story of how one connection leads to another and the mutual benefits these have lead to will re-inspire you to keep the faith and keep on keeping on with reaching out and expanding your ever growing networks.

Naomi Woodis introduced me to Alison Seddon via Facebook back in January 2012. To be fair I don’t think I really knew where it would lead – I did know Naomi was very well networked with inspirational creatives across all art forms. So I was definitely curious…

Alison & I met for coffee/mint tea a couple of weeks later – we realised we both could benefit from sharing skills and experience. Alison is an expert forum theatre specialist, coach and facilitator across a range of clients especially corporate companies who engage her to help them act out their challenges in creative and fun ways.

Over the coming months we co-crafted ‘Authentic Creative Networking’ workshop

We then successfully ran our workshop together back in July 2012… read the results here

Skip forward to June 2013 and in the process of setting up and running the workshop again Meena Toor from Creative Cultural Skills came across the information about the workshop on Twitter (I was also using Eventbrite, Facebook, Instagram and blogging to share about the workshop, reach out to new groups to seek out new participants).

She was unable to come to the workshop but thankfully offered to interview me and now there is a very nuts & bolts article about ‘Effective Networking’ published on Creative Choices website…

Read her article NOW!

So now through putting in the work, without really knowing whether or not initial face to face and social media connections would lead to anything – boom new creative collaborations and reciprocal networks have grown and taken me and Open To Create… in directions I would never have dreamt of when starting off getting into more on and offline networking.

Its also fabulous as both Murry Collins and Gerry Sexton – both participants in the workshop hoping to grow their professional photography practices have their images from workshops included and credited in the article! Yeah!

So don’t give up and keep on reaching out and let me/us know how you get on…

We’d love to hear your success stories too!

Naomi Woodis http://www.naomiwoddis.com/

Alison Seddon https://twitter.com/alisoneseddon

Creative Cultural Skills http://ccskills.org.uk/

Creative Choices http://www.creative-choices.co.uk

Gerry Sexton http://1x.com/member/gerarddominic

Murray Collins https://www.facebook.com/murray.collins1

Open to Create… known for for igniting people’s creativity in unique, quirky and playful ways.

image by Anna B. Sexton

Creative Coaching, creative mentoring, creative play, creative thinking workshops

Open To Create… offer a creative smorgasbord of creative coaching, mentoring and playful workshop sessions.

Creative MOT sessions will re-ignite your creative process and vision.

Bag of Creative Surprises workshops take your creative ideas to a new depths.

And our magical Ignite Your Creativity Retreats will “open doors onto your imagination, heart & mind you wouldn’t know were there.”

Join in the creative action via Open To Create… Facebook page

Please contact Anna B Sexton, Director to find out more about how we can support you to be more open to creating a thriving and super successful creative business.

We work with people with ideas for start up businesses through to those with more established enterprises who want to take it to the next level.

Your interest in Open To Create… matters as do any questions, ideas & feedback you have.

Drop us a line now using the form below or call 07941 655 856 or 020 7515 9451

Coaching Tasters as part of International Coaching week

Coaching Tasters as part of International Coaching week 2012

A first for Tower Hamlets…

Coaching taster sessions to help you grow your key skills & talents to boost your chances of success in 2012.

To book your place please contact Idea Store by calling into a local Idea Store or Learning Centre. Or email ideastorelearning@towerhamlets.gov.uk or call to leave your details on 020 7364 5665 and a member of the team will call you back.

Calling Bright Sparks! Open To Create…

Calling Bright Sparks

Open To Create… is seeking a volunteer one day per week to support with growing a start up social business. We aim to grow people,  who grow communities.

Volunteer Role outline

You will be creative, practical and keen to use this role to help gain valuable career building skills.

You will be able to demonstrate experience of working in creative office environments, love being organised, be a computer whizz and enjoy being part of shaping new creative community initiatives across London.

We are seeking a suitable person who is willing to complete the following tasks and be enough of a self-starter  to bring new ideas to the company;

  • Data entry for new content management system
  • Social media management i.e. updating Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Researching new partnership and marketing contacts
  • Support with day to admin tasks

In exchange for your time, energy and input we will cover up to £5 travel expenses per week, provide lunch and offer you one hour of professional coaching each week to help you achieve your on  career, creative and personal goals.

How to apply?

To apply for the role please send in a current CV and a one page cover letter outlining why you want to take on the role, what experience you have to fulfill the role & what you hope to gain from the coaching.

Please supply two references with contact details, letting us know if we can contact them in advance of an interview.

Interviews will take place Wednesday 1st February 2012 from 2.30pm – please state if you are available.

Please send your completed application marked ‘Volunteer Application’ to Anna Sexton, Director, Open To Create… annabsexton@gmail.com

by no later than 5pm 25th January 2012

Open To Create… @ Your Next Move 18th January 2012 2pm-5pm

Open To Create… are hosting a stand @ Your Next Move event in partnership with the New Start Department, Tower Hamlets Borough Council.

We are attending to survey young people between 18-19 years old about what services they want to boost their chances to successfully access education and/or employment .

The event is free and will be held at the Osmani Centre in Whitechapel on Wednesday 18 January (2.00pm-5.00pm).

Osmani Centre, 158 Underwood Road, London E1 5AW

If you want more information on attending call Akhtar Rahim 020 7364 5053 or email akhtar.rahim@towerhamlets.gov.uk


Open To Create… new business cards!


Excitingly unpacked new Open To Create… business cards fresh off the press from Moo. Thanks to Alex Beeching for all your support and creative input in getting us this far!

Welcome to the blog world of Open To Create…

Open To Create… is an new and evolving company offering creative coaching programmes across London, especially Tower Hamlets & Westminster.

We are currently developing a series of coaching taster sessions with Idea Store & Tower Hamlets Adult Learning Services. These sessions will run during International Coaching week 5th-12th February 2012

And we are developing our Grow Your Own Community © programme  with different community & social enterprise  partners

Read our e-booklet

Seven C’s for Growing Your Own Community


For more information contact Anna Sexton, Director

07941 655 856