4 Rooms for Living In – essentials for self nurture and self care…

Clara Jones & I first connected via Twitter… and the rest, as they say, is history. Living proof that there still is genuine, mutually supportive and authentic relationships to be made across the twittering classes.

Like me Clara is a coach who works mainly with women with North Wales as herphysical base whilst she weaves her unique blend of creative coaching, mentoring and personal development with women 1-2-1 or in groups across the world.

I can now say I am in the great company of an ever growing number of inspirational women who Clara interviews for her website and blog http://www.4roomsliving.co.uk/

I have answered a range of questions all about different aspects of self nurture and care and where I get side tracked, reach burn out and simple ways I do my best each day to stay on track…

You can keep up to date with what is inspiring Clara each day via her Twitter account…  @4roomsliving

And keep re-visiting her website as she add more and more new women’s stories of self care & love… inspirational and safe haven to re-visiting when you feel a wee bit wobbly, as is natural. Happy reading & sharing!


Self nurture and self care… what’s inspired me to keep on keepin’ on

Feeling blessed… how doing what you love inspires you as much as your clients…

It really is the truth when you hear or read about how following your passions is the most enjoyable, rewarding and lucrative way to create a living and Life for yourself…

And so often whilst I’ve worked at setting up my most current business Open To Create… the day to day realities of working in and on the business I’ve not always felt the gratitude for the gift of doing just this and more…

So I’ve been working up a series of Co-creating creative successes case studys…

The wonderful Jennifer Leach, Director of Outrider Anthems is first up… do check out her amazing website showcasing all of her latest projects www.outrideranthems.com

Ta dah! Here is the first of many and I’ll more with you in the coming weeks as more are created…

Drop me a line NOW below to find out how I can work with you to ignite your inner creative sparks to achieve your creative goals…

Intro to Coaching 5 week course from 6th November 2013 (code A2403)

A 5 week evening course starting Wednesday  6th November 2013

6.30pm until 9pm

Idea Store Whitechapel, 321 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1BU

Idea Store Learning has put together with Open To Create… a 5 week course introducing

coaching to help you grow your key skills and talents to boost your confidence and

chances of success. Suitable for people keen to discover how to get the best from themselves

and others in any situation in Life.

Book by calling up 020 7364 5665 between 10am – 4pm course code A2403

Intro to Coaching Whitechapel Idea Store Anna B. Sexton

Intro to Coaching
Whitechapel Idea Store
Anna B. Sexton

Coaching Taster @ Idea Store Whitechapel 2nd November 2013

Creative Coaching in East London Anna B. Sexton, Open To Create...

Creative Coaching in East London
Anna B. Sexton, Open To Create…

Will you ignite your creativity with me?

photo by Suke Driver

Creatively escape with Penny Stanford & Anna B. Sexton 21.09.13

Are you Open To Create… 3 month volunteer placement offered. Deadline 20th September 2013

I have been a volunteer on and off for over 20 years and know first hand the amazing benefits of volunteering. I have run different volunteer, intern and work placement programmes for over 15 years and love the satisfaction of a person willing to contribute learn and grow from being willing to give to a company.

Charlotte Hogg was an intern whilst I was working with Bow Arts – she was an awesome, go getting woman on a mission to suck up as much experience from working in the gallery, curating P1 show through to handling the rain on the opening night of the Open Studios with grace and good humour. She went onto to secure a place on the Whitechapel Interns programme and now works for the Royal Academy… 

See Charlotte’s reference below…

  1. Charlotte Hogg

    Charlotte Hogg
    Press Assistant at Royal Academy of Arts
    Anna has a clear can-do attitude which makes even the hardest of tasks seem like light work. Dependable, committed and loyal, Anna is a pleasure to work with. Being a natural people person she is happy to share these wonderful qualities with an ever growing professional network, one that helped me begin my own career and which I know has helped many others in turn. My time…more

    May 24, 2011, Charlotte worked indirectly for Anna B. at Bow Arts Trust

So it’s a little nerve wracking to admit to limitations of any kind? Especially when it requires bringing new people to your inner world of your business…

But it’s time to take the plunge at Open To Create… so I can focus on more strategic grow whilst knowing the detail is being handled.

We are offering a 3 month volunteer placement at 1 day a week…

Deadline for applying is 20th September 2013.

See below for a link to the role description…

Creativity nestles in a corner of Poplar

It’s a real moment in one’s Life when you can read a beautiful, evoking piece of writing about something you’ve created, that is close to your heart…

Well it’s happened and thanks to East Londonista I am brimming with pride and gratitude for her creative efforts in her latest blog.


Do check it out and devour the whole article!

It perfectly evokes the feelings, sensations and sense of connection we all co-created together early in August 2013…

It really goes to prove the power of Twitter which is how I first met East Londonista and our creative connections online went from there… Beautiful… I can end this day a wee bit more happy and proud than I started off.

And keep my momentum going for the next Dinner & Drawing Tuesday 3rd September 2013 6.30pm – 9.30pm Open To Create… HQ, 4 Jones House, off Blair Street, London E14 0NT Follow this link to find out more and book via our link https://www.facebook.com/events/627914393903963/

I trust you enjoy and looking forward to greeting you at Dinner & Drawing very soon !!

Creative Thinking… how you can be more creatively playful

CREATIVE THINKING WORKSHOPS – as part of Idea Store, Tower Hamlets, London UK ‘Summer School’

1st August 1pm -3 pm

Shadwell Learning Centre, Off the Highway, London E14 

BOOK YOUR £5 ticket via this link

Imagine you have a paper bag in front of you… 

You are invited to put your hand into it with your eyes shut…

With your eyes shut you stick your hand into the bag however feels most right for you…

You delve around in the bag and come into contact with all manner of objects large and small…

Some you can recognise through the shape your can touch, the outline of a familiar form…

Other’s feel alien to you – sharp, crinkly or smooth…

Anna B. Sexton from Open To Create...

Creative Thinking workshop @ Idea Store, Tower Hamlets

What are these objects, what do they mean and why this collection of objects all brought together in the bag this way?

Well this creatively playful exercise is The Bag of Creative Surprises  and forms part of  Creative Thinking workshop running as part of Idea Store Summer School July & August 2013.

The purpose of the workshops are to invite you to approach your challenges in more curious and creative ways.

To make your own Bag of Creative Surprises collect together the following materials;

  • A paper bag/s
  • A collection of random objects i.e. a wrapped sweet, a pebble, cotton wool, paper clip, leaf – this can be expanded and opened up depending on what is available to you
  • 2 x pieces of blank A4 paper
  • A pen

Place all the objects in your bag

Make some time that will be interrupted i.e. no music, kids, pets etc.

Ask yourself either of following questions (or tweaked version to best serve your purpose)

“What biggest challenge that I currently face can be solved by me sticking my hand into the Bag of Creative Surprises?”

“How best can I learn what I need to learn by sticking my hand into the Bag of Creative Surprises?”

Then in your own time with your eyes shut stick your hand into the bag… take at least 5 minutes to experience, play with and experiment with the experience of doing this and the thoughts, answers, ideas that spring up from the process.

When you feel ready to begin writing down what you have learnt do so – and keep writing until you feel its come out

Then stop for a 5 minute break to break your state and then come back to revisit your insights.

From the writing you made in response to your challenge – ask yourself the next set of questions

What are the nuggets of wisdom?

What are the clear actions you want to take forward? Pick no more than 5 with clear time frames so you can measure how on track you are.

Then test out the actions by asking;

  •  How realistic & practical are they?
  • How excited you are about taking these on?

And go forth and create… whatever it is you will have come up with new creative angles on your current big challenge

My hope is had more insight into your own unique creative outlook on Life. Just by sticking your hand into a paper bag…which is a lot like Life

i.e. you get as much as you stick your hand into it!

BOOK YOUR PLACE – NOW via this link



How to catch a copy of ‘To Catch a Rabbit’ by Helen Cadbury?


Very proud of Helen Cadbury’s 1st published book – the 1st of many!!

For today (18th July 2013) and tomorrow (19th July 2013)  To Catch a Rabbit is on very special offer!

Free Kindle download day!



I have known and been working with Helen since 2009 and it’s so amazing to she how her focus, determination and vision have manifested ‘To Catch A Rabbit’ – a crime novel based in the UK which has very strong chances of making it onto a TV screen near you very soon…

Check out Helen’s website http://helencadbury.com/

Check out Moth Publishing’s website http://www.mothpublishing.com/?page_id=8

Creative collaboration grows reciprocal networks…

How? Which way? and quite frankly Why?

Creative Choices article by Meena Toor

Creative Choices article by Meena Toor
Effective Networking

Indeed… these days with social media and it’s proliferating ways of reaching out via text, photos and now video via Instagram… where will it end?

Do you often feel overwhelmed and not really sure what the point maybe of getting involved? And whatever happened to face to face meet ups?

Don’t give up is the message from me, someone who like you can’t always see the benefits of doing the ‘social’  media thing as well as the face to face networking…

Well hopefully this story of how one connection leads to another and the mutual benefits these have lead to will re-inspire you to keep the faith and keep on keeping on with reaching out and expanding your ever growing networks.

Naomi Woodis introduced me to Alison Seddon via Facebook back in January 2012. To be fair I don’t think I really knew where it would lead – I did know Naomi was very well networked with inspirational creatives across all art forms. So I was definitely curious…

Alison & I met for coffee/mint tea a couple of weeks later – we realised we both could benefit from sharing skills and experience. Alison is an expert forum theatre specialist, coach and facilitator across a range of clients especially corporate companies who engage her to help them act out their challenges in creative and fun ways.

Over the coming months we co-crafted ‘Authentic Creative Networking’ workshop

We then successfully ran our workshop together back in July 2012… read the results here

Skip forward to June 2013 and in the process of setting up and running the workshop again Meena Toor from Creative Cultural Skills came across the information about the workshop on Twitter (I was also using Eventbrite, Facebook, Instagram and blogging to share about the workshop, reach out to new groups to seek out new participants).

She was unable to come to the workshop but thankfully offered to interview me and now there is a very nuts & bolts article about ‘Effective Networking’ published on Creative Choices website…

Read her article NOW!

So now through putting in the work, without really knowing whether or not initial face to face and social media connections would lead to anything – boom new creative collaborations and reciprocal networks have grown and taken me and Open To Create… in directions I would never have dreamt of when starting off getting into more on and offline networking.

Its also fabulous as both Murry Collins and Gerry Sexton – both participants in the workshop hoping to grow their professional photography practices have their images from workshops included and credited in the article! Yeah!

So don’t give up and keep on reaching out and let me/us know how you get on…

We’d love to hear your success stories too!

Naomi Woodis http://www.naomiwoddis.com/

Alison Seddon https://twitter.com/alisoneseddon

Creative Cultural Skills http://ccskills.org.uk/

Creative Choices http://www.creative-choices.co.uk

Gerry Sexton http://1x.com/member/gerarddominic

Murray Collins https://www.facebook.com/murray.collins1