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Oh I thought I like this challenge a lot! I love doodling soooo much…

And when would I do said doodling as I’ve been out & about on Open To Create… creative business building today?

Post talking therapy session where I felt proud & a massive sense of shift in energies for me. And pride has such a bad rep… looks and feels expansive, joyous & blooming colourful to me!


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Picture Taking: Exploring Myself Through Photography @ Hackney Museum 18.07 – 31.12.2015


You are invited to the opening of a groundbreaking new exhibition by young photographers at Hackney Museum

Picture Taking photography exhibition @ Hackney Museum July - Dec 2015 #represent #diversity #hackney

Picture Taking photography exhibition @ Hackney Museum July – Dec 2015 #represent #diversity #hackney


Picture Taking: Exploring Myself Through Photography

This exhibition features the work of Emma, Qwayne, Mohamed, Jason, Izu and Luke, students at The Garden School in Hackney.

The Garden School supports children with special educational needs many with an autistic spectrum disorder. When words don’t come easily, photography offers a voice to those for whom everyday communication is a challenge.

Opening Celebration Saturday 18th July 10.30am-12noon Hackney Museum

Join us for the opening and have your free family portrait taken with The Garden School photographers Jack and Sam. Refreshments will be served.

This exhibition has been created as part of Re:present programme and will be part of UK Disability History Month 2015 focusing in on disability and representation within the media and film.

Find out more about this exhibition that has been funded by Arts Council England, supported by Hackney Council TRASC funding via


Hackney Museum –

The Garden School –

UK Disability History Month –

Getting really bored and stuck is creative…

Yes it is!

Even though we think these are not mindstates or feeling fields to be in to move anything forward from. But out of the total frustration and “boredom” of the reality we have created for ourselves we can shift significantly forward.

I have learnt now that out of the totally crap I have found myself in the gold comes… and not without a big push through the avoidance, hiding, projection onto other people for being the reasons for my woes, blaming the Government, the weather etc. etc.

Seeking new meanings that actually re-ignite old passions and stir new purposes give the fuel to kick start the engines of creativity again.

So keep the faith if you are in a similar sounding and/or feeling space – not a creative block more a creative unallowing of the ways things “should” be and the behaviours you keep doing to keep you stuck. Think of it as a re-letting of the creativity back into the spaces stopping allows for and a new found, slowly but surely steady step by step back into your creative flow…

Then it’s about being kind, loving and gentle as you let yourself ease yourself back onto the saddle, as it were!

Vote for the small museum with the BIG heart by 8pm today… 16th May 2015

The small museum with a big heart, that is very close to my heart = Hackney Museum.

Voting closes today at 8pm UK time for a once in a museum’s lifetime chance to work with Yinka Shonibare MBE, internationally acclaimed artist and Hackney resident. So even though he lives 6 streets down from our Museum we need to win his time, creative energy, vision, input through the funded Museums at Night competition.



Every vote counts in these last few hours as we are up against some big museums and we know in hearts we have every chance of winning an amazing supper club to celebrate Black History season in October 2015. Voters get a chance to be a guest at Yinka’s Supper club!

VOTE for Hackney Museum to Re:present itself to the international stage…

The small museum with the big heart is in a Museums at Night 2015 campaign to win big!

Yinka Shonibare will work with our community groups to co-create a supper club in October 2015.



Hackney Museum needs your votes…

Eight top tips for authentic creative networking…

How can you be authentic and creative when you network?

Over the years networking has for me been the polar of extremes from superbly pleasurable and profitable through to boring and not one person whom I gave a card to getting back to my follow up emails/tweets etc! Hence I co-created Authentic Creative Networking – first with Alison Seddon and now with Martin Copland-Gray

So what’s the point in networking and how can you be your bright, creative and authentic self?

Image by Anna B. Sexton

Creative Networking tips
New creative networking tools
Learn your creative networking style

Eight Top tips for authentic creative networking

  1. Have a purpose – anything from “being myself and being honest”, “asking genuine questions and listening”, “to meet new people to boost our network”, “to secure new income generating work”, “to get a paid public speaking gig”
  2. Work out what you can give / offer to others – sometimes you will the one person another nervous and anxious networker is able to speak to all night. You are offering a service by listening, encouraging, hearing how you could be of service to enable their vision
  3. Find out who else is going to be there – asking for the list of delegates or checking out the Eventbrite guest list in advance allows you to see who is there who will most boost your creative business.
  4. Read up on any guest speakers, look at their photos – by the time you are there you will have given your brain the chance to think it has already met the speaker panel because of seeing the pictures in advance
  5. Take business cards – but if you forget them when you meet people whose information you want to keep take their email address, add it into an email which you can send once you get back from the event.
  6. Drink water and herbal teas –  coffee, tea and booze add to any pre existing levels of anxiety about walking into a room full of new people. By drinking soft drinks you give yourself the chance to tap into your 6th sense about people when you meet and trust what you feel, hear, think and see.
  7. Make sure you follow up with everyone you say you will… have a pre-drafted post networking response email you can tweak to personalise to each person you met.
  8. Give yourself a reward for attending and all the pre and post event work you put into growing and sustaining your creative business network…

Over time ‘networking’ does get easier, and some days it doesn’t. It’s okay to feel nervous, feel a little shy… chances are each person in the room will be somewhere on the spectrum of all the feelings we humans can experience.

You are not alone…

Authentic Creative Networking 24th April 2015 10am – 2pm 

Life is what you…

Make it...

your own unique version of creativity…

Ever act is a creative one… most days getting out of bed can be biggest and then each step from the bed onwards requires choice. I get such a thrill making the images I post (see above) out of a retro spelling/word game found in a charity shop somewhere in East London. Then making up statements mostly to inspire myself, to see something a little bit different from the usual Instagram fodder and I hope inspire you to make what you will of your next moment, creative project or………. 

Starting from 23rd April 2015 I’ll be launching a 5 week Creative Thinking Course via Idea Store, Whitechapel, East London, UK… will you join me?

Enrollment sign up HERE

Getting creative in the face of uncertainty…

Ever find yourself not really sure why you are in a certain shop, or street?

Not really sure what propels you to pick up certain books, flyers or leaflets whilst out on a wander?

That’s how I first came to know of Jennifer Kavanagh, author of A Little Book of Unknowing… published yesterday!

Be open to create…
A Little Book Of Unknowing

I stumbled upon a flyer for Journey Home Game whilst co-curating Anxiety Festival 2014. I was searching for creative ways to inspire conversations about wellness and mental health.

And through telephone chats, realised shared connections via fellow Mental Health Foundation team and the Quakers – a new relationship and creative collaboration has evolved. Certainly not what I had expected when I found the flyer somewhere in Bloomsbury…

And the rest as they say is…

Well actually, who knows what comes next?

A Little Book of Unknowing is a gem of a book, that is slim enough to slip into your bag and ponder it’s wisdom, provocations and amazing array of quotes on the tube or train to work, as I have over the last 4 weeks.

So much of our day to day lives are planned to within inches or to do lists about to do lists. We believe we ‘have no room for error’ or that we can’t be a ‘failure’. What would life be like if we just let ourselves go ‘off plan’?

“Walk without a destination. Wander aimlessly without arriving,

            being somewhere rather than going somewhere.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Your own truths within are in fact found through the deeper understanding of what it is you don’t or can’t know. Discovered when you least expect it, off the beaten track…

Through reading Jennifer’s book you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement and be left with as many questions in different ways than before you began and this is a good thing.

As someone who for most of my life believed “I had to know it all or else I’d be stupid, a failure, a loser…” learning to know what I don’t know has been at times hugely painful, shameful and now finally liberating.

And learning to embrace what it is I do know is a hugely profound, now joyous and relieving experience.

“Phew I know what I know, and that which I don’t… now what can I bring into play?”

This is when creativity, play, imagination, improvisation comes more into life,  moment by moment…

 “For me, improv, as with all creativity and possibly all of life/Grace, is a matter of getting out of the way.” Tanya

This leads to more connected, synchronized and blessed interactions with ourselves, with others and Life.

This treasure of a book sensitively invites us into a greater sense of knowing our own abilities to create and live a life lived in creativity, meditation, love, faith and connection.

Connection to Grace, the Divine, The Great Unknown, Great Spirit, The Universe, God…

You can buy Jennifer’s book HERE

Jenny’s website HERE 

RCA Secret London 2015… #1177

Here’s one of my four cards entered as part of the RCA Secret annual exhibition…

Can you find the other two? Plus the one submitted for RCA Secret Dubai 2015?

Ok so it's not a secret now...

Ok so it’s not a secret now…

Create your best year yet by looking back?

Had to have a play… #2014 #flipagramrecap #flipagram made with @flipagram .

And I hope you like the result…

What would your mini film of your year in 2014 include?