Being in good creative company feeds my soul…

I don’t find it that comfortable to write more personal blogs really only based on my own fears/limiting beliefs of sounding ‘preachy’ ‘showing off’ or ‘plain dull’. And I have decided to stop listening to my ‘mindtalk’ thanks to being blessed to having amazing butt kicking, bold, creative and truthtelling women around me who are inspiring me write how I speak – frankly, creatively, passionately and with warmth.

Two immediately spring to mind….

Yes to speaking, writing and creating from the heart...

Alison Kakande bumped into me at a Hackney Museum event and we discovered more than shared experience of working in communities. Her blog hits my heart every time and I love watching her grow her visions for her chat show, her online Stop Playing Small packages… READ MORE HERE.

Winsome Duncan aka Lyrical Healer aka bloody amazing lady. Similarly we met via some connection with working with creativity in communities and now I’ve the pleasure of sharing hub office space with her, belly laughs and more. Her ongoing rising to the top of her game founding the award winning MployMe is so down to her knowing how to give more than she seeks… READ MORE HERE.

All in all inspirational female company with inspirational companies serving communities to rise as they continue to grow.

It’s great when I finish work at the end of a long day to know in my heart I am in good creative company! My own and others…

Alison Kakande’s blog

Lyrical Healer’s blog

MployMe website


Eight top tips for authentic creative networking…

How can you be authentic and creative when you network?

Over the years networking has for me been the polar of extremes from superbly pleasurable and profitable through to boring and not one person whom I gave a card to getting back to my follow up emails/tweets etc! Hence I co-created Authentic Creative Networking – first with Alison Seddon and now with Martin Copland-Gray

So what’s the point in networking and how can you be your bright, creative and authentic self?

Image by Anna B. Sexton

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Eight Top tips for authentic creative networking

  1. Have a purpose – anything from “being myself and being honest”, “asking genuine questions and listening”, “to meet new people to boost our network”, “to secure new income generating work”, “to get a paid public speaking gig”
  2. Work out what you can give / offer to others – sometimes you will the one person another nervous and anxious networker is able to speak to all night. You are offering a service by listening, encouraging, hearing how you could be of service to enable their vision
  3. Find out who else is going to be there – asking for the list of delegates or checking out the Eventbrite guest list in advance allows you to see who is there who will most boost your creative business.
  4. Read up on any guest speakers, look at their photos – by the time you are there you will have given your brain the chance to think it has already met the speaker panel because of seeing the pictures in advance
  5. Take business cards – but if you forget them when you meet people whose information you want to keep take their email address, add it into an email which you can send once you get back from the event.
  6. Drink water and herbal teas –  coffee, tea and booze add to any pre existing levels of anxiety about walking into a room full of new people. By drinking soft drinks you give yourself the chance to tap into your 6th sense about people when you meet and trust what you feel, hear, think and see.
  7. Make sure you follow up with everyone you say you will… have a pre-drafted post networking response email you can tweak to personalise to each person you met.
  8. Give yourself a reward for attending and all the pre and post event work you put into growing and sustaining your creative business network…

Over time ‘networking’ does get easier, and some days it doesn’t. It’s okay to feel nervous, feel a little shy… chances are each person in the room will be somewhere on the spectrum of all the feelings we humans can experience.

You are not alone…

Authentic Creative Networking 24th April 2015 10am – 2pm