Getting creative in the face of uncertainty…

Ever find yourself not really sure why you are in a certain shop, or street?

Not really sure what propels you to pick up certain books, flyers or leaflets whilst out on a wander?

That’s how I first came to know of Jennifer Kavanagh, author of A Little Book of Unknowing… published yesterday!

Be open to create…
A Little Book Of Unknowing

I stumbled upon a flyer for Journey Home Game whilst co-curating Anxiety Festival 2014. I was searching for creative ways to inspire conversations about wellness and mental health.

And through telephone chats, realised shared connections via fellow Mental Health Foundation team and the Quakers – a new relationship and creative collaboration has evolved. Certainly not what I had expected when I found the flyer somewhere in Bloomsbury…

And the rest as they say is…

Well actually, who knows what comes next?

A Little Book of Unknowing is a gem of a book, that is slim enough to slip into your bag and ponder it’s wisdom, provocations and amazing array of quotes on the tube or train to work, as I have over the last 4 weeks.

So much of our day to day lives are planned to within inches or to do lists about to do lists. We believe we ‘have no room for error’ or that we can’t be a ‘failure’. What would life be like if we just let ourselves go ‘off plan’?

“Walk without a destination. Wander aimlessly without arriving,

            being somewhere rather than going somewhere.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Your own truths within are in fact found through the deeper understanding of what it is you don’t or can’t know. Discovered when you least expect it, off the beaten track…

Through reading Jennifer’s book you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement and be left with as many questions in different ways than before you began and this is a good thing.

As someone who for most of my life believed “I had to know it all or else I’d be stupid, a failure, a loser…” learning to know what I don’t know has been at times hugely painful, shameful and now finally liberating.

And learning to embrace what it is I do know is a hugely profound, now joyous and relieving experience.

“Phew I know what I know, and that which I don’t… now what can I bring into play?”

This is when creativity, play, imagination, improvisation comes more into life,  moment by moment…

 “For me, improv, as with all creativity and possibly all of life/Grace, is a matter of getting out of the way.” Tanya

This leads to more connected, synchronized and blessed interactions with ourselves, with others and Life.

This treasure of a book sensitively invites us into a greater sense of knowing our own abilities to create and live a life lived in creativity, meditation, love, faith and connection.

Connection to Grace, the Divine, The Great Unknown, Great Spirit, The Universe, God…

You can buy Jennifer’s book HERE

Jenny’s website HERE