Creative thinking over breakfast anyone?

Very proud to be co-creating one of the Breakfast Session series workshops with Begin Anywhere & Economy of Hours, in East London, UK.

Think colour creative playfulness over coffee, pastries & a group of like minded folk seeking new ways to be their best creative self in their creative career or anywhere creativity can be applied… it’s all about creating together to grow a creative & sharing economy.


Creative Thinking comes to East London…

My favourite type of thinking… so I’m super excited to launch a new longer Creative Thinking course. Over the 5 week 2.5 hour session I’ll be guiding you through the steps to bring your idea to life.

Introduction to Creative Thinking 2016

Enrol for this course:

Telephone 020 7364 5665 between 10 – 4pm, Monday – Friday, with the course details and have your credit or debit card ready.

Course code C2404

Drop into your local Idea Store, with the course details, and ask at the desk.

Course code C2404


Advice about “heartbreak”…

A heart doesn’t break from loving – our illusions about what or who we love/loved create pains, sadness & grief.

Truly loving however challenging is what makes us each become truly alive.


5 pictures that tell a story… #64millionartists

5 photos to tell a story @64millionartists a tale of bravery against the odds, of bright skies, face offs on the overground, colourful textures and pointed moments sharpening pencils…

Be brave my love, a message sent through snail mail to my love from way, way away ago…

Brave new skies of hope, height and view during a day at work to inspire me to see the world in new ways, just and especially when I get into a rut of ‘same old, same old’.

Sharpen my wit as the computer loaded as and when it darn well pleased, so I got into one of my favourite past times… pencil sharpening.

Not sure if this is why my vision  has been so much more sharpened of late, looking at walls as I cycle home or seeing fellow commuter’s feet in new lights.

I blame #64millionartists… #beopentocreate #everdaycreativity


I have a dream…

That we each can be and become the most creative version of ourselves. That every person has access to clean water, organic home grown food and safe to access education with all kinds of learning available. No subject is valued more than another… Schooling and learning is transformed through community schooling programmes enlivened through park and cafe based schools.

That no matter who you are what were once seen as limitations/in capacities are now seen and valued as joys, new ways of learnings how to be for others and all people can access as much of the planet. Negative capabilities are where it’s at for leading our lives and not knowing is how we discover our true depths. Leaders are different now more authentic and honest – those who have served time are given status for their debt paid and the learning they achieved.

Truth telling, loving, compassionate & respectful relationships are a given which increases life chances for all. All living things are enshrined as equal in law and the UN convention of human rights finally has been upheld by all countries.

Health care wisdom is shared freely and respected. Meaningful service and contribution is open to all and what we now as “work” now will evolve so far beyond the “commodification” “consumer” realm sharing, trading, and barter will evolve too.

How we live have evolved and those who do own property have smaller dwellings and sharing ownership & cooperative living is more wide spread. We know how much land there is and resources are shared and made the most out of. 

Our relationship with the land and nature underpins all aspects of family, community and business development. What was once fast growth is now about humble businesses whose ability to give back is more valued than financial profits. Sea water has been desalinated and our global drinking water challenges addressed.

#beopentocreate #everydaycreativity


Day 17… what’s in a song?

Wasn’t feeling very inspired by the change the lyrics prompt. Did have a load of tracks fading in and out of my head… but still not much inspiration.
Then I remembered I’d stumbled across some Seasame Street lyrics on the pavement #randomactsofart


#beopentocreate #everydaycreativity

#64millionartists @64M_artists @64millionartists

Today’s top guest list for the dinner party

to end all dinner parties (this list is likely to change in the future, depending on my mood).

  • Boudicca
  • Billie Holiday
  • Mark Rothko
  • Picasso
  • Van Gogh
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Dylan Thomas
  • Victor Frankl
  • Derek Jarman
  • Vivenne Westwood
  • Prince
  • Tilda Swinton
  • Julia Cameron
  • Grayson Perry
  • Tracey Emin
  • My husband, Martin Copland-Gray

Each guest is invited to cook and bring their favourite starter, main and pudding

I’d bring salmon gravalx with beetroot salad, home made truffle pasta & rocket salad and baked alaska.

Plus the best wines from each other their local office licence or vineyard.

And we’d eat of paper plates so no one had to do the dishes!

#beopentocreate #everydaycreativity

#64millionartists #day15


Smiling & what I learnt…

Smiling at others especially on a day after an unusable late night for me and a glass of vino #harderthanithought

And I learnt from smiling that this triggers connections with others.

Words come

“You’re welcome”
“Thank you”

Smiling it seems let’s me know I’m here, alive & this can inspire gratitude in other’s for my presence…

#smile #gratitude
#beopentocreate #everydaycreativity

Day 13… what I saw as I travelled along









Write a love letter to someone I’d lost…

Turned into one for my forgotten self… my true self which seems more and more daring to come out to stay & play.

Phew it’s been dark in there…


#beopentocreate #everydaycreativity

#64millionartists @64M_artists