VOTE for Hackney Museum to Re:present itself to the international stage…

The small museum with the big heart is in a Museums at Night 2015 campaign to win big!

Yinka Shonibare will work with our community groups to co-create a supper club in October 2015.



Hackney Museum needs your votes…

Hackney Museum say “Thunderclap, Thunderclap, Thunderclap…. “

So what is all the fuss about? Suddenly the world & his wife are asking for your vote…

YES VOTE HACKNEY MUSEUM to win working with Yinka Shonibare!

This is the current lay of the land in crowd funding and crowd sourcing new community arts, participation and social programmes of work… so let’s get on board. At least there is funded work out there… all be it through what can feel like a lot of shouting about a project dear to your heart. Bear with me…

Join Hackney Museum’s 1st ever Thunderclap…

Thunderclaps though – what the hell? I know I was confused myself when I first heard about these.

Hackney Museum’s first THUNDERCLAP

Think of a system to bring together all your like minded followers and share one, big, bold message all at the same time… SONIC SOCIAL MEDIA BOOM.

Every vote and shared message counts as when we win… those people who get the chance to engage with Yinka Shonibare will have life changing experiences. Worth their weight in gold! 


Hackney Museum voting page

Hackney Museum Thunderclap page