5 pictures that tell a story… #64millionartists

5 photos to tell a story @64millionartists a tale of bravery against the odds, of bright skies, face offs on the overground, colourful textures and pointed moments sharpening pencils…

Be brave my love, a message sent through snail mail to my love from way, way away ago…

Brave new skies of hope, height and view during a day at work to inspire me to see the world in new ways, just and especially when I get into a rut of ‘same old, same old’.

Sharpen my wit as the computer loaded as and when it darn well pleased, so I got into one of my favourite past times… pencil sharpening.

Not sure if this is why my vision  has been so much more sharpened of late, looking at walls as I cycle home or seeing fellow commuter’s feet in new lights.

I blame #64millionartists… #beopentocreate #everdaycreativity


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