I have a dream…

That we each can be and become the most creative version of ourselves. That every person has access to clean water, organic home grown food and safe to access education with all kinds of learning available. No subject is valued more than another… Schooling and learning is transformed through community schooling programmes enlivened through park and cafe based schools.

That no matter who you are what were once seen as limitations/in capacities are now seen and valued as joys, new ways of learnings how to be for others and all people can access as much of the planet. Negative capabilities are where it’s at for leading our lives and not knowing is how we discover our true depths. Leaders are different now more authentic and honest – those who have served time are given status for their debt paid and the learning they achieved.

Truth telling, loving, compassionate & respectful relationships are a given which increases life chances for all. All living things are enshrined as equal in law and the UN convention of human rights finally has been upheld by all countries.

Health care wisdom is shared freely and respected. Meaningful service and contribution is open to all and what we now as “work” now will evolve so far beyond the “commodification” “consumer” realm sharing, trading, and barter will evolve too.

How we live have evolved and those who do own property have smaller dwellings and sharing ownership & cooperative living is more wide spread. We know how much land there is and resources are shared and made the most out of. 

Our relationship with the land and nature underpins all aspects of family, community and business development. What was once fast growth is now about humble businesses whose ability to give back is more valued than financial profits. Sea water has been desalinated and our global drinking water challenges addressed.

#beopentocreate #everydaycreativity


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