Stuck between where you are & creating where you’d like to be?

You’ve been there… staring at what you’ve got and dreaming of a brighter, clearer & decluttered future.


So how do you create what sometimes seems so far away from reality?

At the moment Open To Create… HQ looks like the left picture whilst my vision is for a clear, zenified sanctuary…

What I’m learning about decluttering is;

1. Having a picture of where you want to be will drive you to keep motivated.
2. Create a plan of actions and stick it up on your wall so you can tick off your progress.  Buy gold stars to brighten up your days!
3. Breaking down tasks into 10-15 minutes chunks each day will keep you purposeful & inspired.
4. Being prepared with lots of recycling bags and bags for different types of throw away – able, freecycle-able piles. This aids your inner giver to feel giving towards others as you lighten your load.
4. Be prepared to take longer than you had first thought – build into your plan breaks, contingency for other unknowns to come up.
5. Allow yourself to enjoy the process… keep only what is vital and non – refindable on the Web.
6. Document any real not sure items using your camera on your phone… This will assuage your inner fears of ‘losing’ this treasured piece/flyer…

I’ll keep you posted with progress in the coming weeks. My goal is my calm sanctuary by 10th August 2014…
Watch this space!

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