Restrictive movement… Creating the time and space to actual stop and think…

They say our ailments or dis-ease speaks to us of what we may need to learn and certainly this week laid out flat for most it with a bad back and spasming muscles I’d definitely agree…

And having been part of the team at LSE seeking a creative response from individuals experiencing chronic pain…

How my pain looks, what it sounds like or if it were a colour or colours has crossed my mind.

It’s been humbling for me – someone who values freedom of movement and the ability to move around my spaces as and when I choose, to be so required to move ever so slightly whilst deeply listening to my body from the inside out to find the boundary between the limits of sharp/shooting/stabbing or numb throbbing pain I could bare and the spaces to move.

It’s colour has changed and moved as the week has progressed from steel like grey to smokey oranges and pale blue whisks.

How do you experience your pain?

And what creative responses have you conjured up within the spaces to breathe and reflect?


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