Consciousness in creative collaboration…


How, where, when, the why (in the most expensive sense of this word) & most importantly with whom are questions you I hope you will have asked yourself when setting up a creative collaboration.

You may currently be grappling with these types of questions or if these are totally new for you… please use them!

And if these seem totally alien then they are great set of questions / criteria to set yourself up with before you begin.

Now I know most great collaborations start via friends of friends,  that chance meeting at that place you both now can’t even remember… but you did and you’ve not looked back since! Yeah!!

And off the back of an amazing conversation with Marianne Hartley (founder of the healing design movement and branding agency with heart & soul… Hartley Soul) we were talking about what can happen when the questions above are not consciously set out in your own mind or that of the other or others you work with…

Seeking out respect,  shared values,  boundaries around the sharing of ideas and the value in all the ways that come from money, prestige,  connections and networks…

What do you think in your experience are the essentials of a beautifully mutual,  conscious creative collaboration?

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