Creative Thinking… how you can be more creatively playful

CREATIVE THINKING WORKSHOPS – as part of Idea Store, Tower Hamlets, London UK ‘Summer School’

1st August 1pm -3 pm

Shadwell Learning Centre, Off the Highway, London E14 

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Imagine you have a paper bag in front of you… 

You are invited to put your hand into it with your eyes shut…

With your eyes shut you stick your hand into the bag however feels most right for you…

You delve around in the bag and come into contact with all manner of objects large and small…

Some you can recognise through the shape your can touch, the outline of a familiar form…

Other’s feel alien to you – sharp, crinkly or smooth…

Anna B. Sexton from Open To Create...

Creative Thinking workshop @ Idea Store, Tower Hamlets

What are these objects, what do they mean and why this collection of objects all brought together in the bag this way?

Well this creatively playful exercise is The Bag of Creative Surprises  and forms part of  Creative Thinking workshop running as part of Idea Store Summer School July & August 2013.

The purpose of the workshops are to invite you to approach your challenges in more curious and creative ways.

To make your own Bag of Creative Surprises collect together the following materials;

  • A paper bag/s
  • A collection of random objects i.e. a wrapped sweet, a pebble, cotton wool, paper clip, leaf – this can be expanded and opened up depending on what is available to you
  • 2 x pieces of blank A4 paper
  • A pen

Place all the objects in your bag

Make some time that will be interrupted i.e. no music, kids, pets etc.

Ask yourself either of following questions (or tweaked version to best serve your purpose)

“What biggest challenge that I currently face can be solved by me sticking my hand into the Bag of Creative Surprises?”

“How best can I learn what I need to learn by sticking my hand into the Bag of Creative Surprises?”

Then in your own time with your eyes shut stick your hand into the bag… take at least 5 minutes to experience, play with and experiment with the experience of doing this and the thoughts, answers, ideas that spring up from the process.

When you feel ready to begin writing down what you have learnt do so – and keep writing until you feel its come out

Then stop for a 5 minute break to break your state and then come back to revisit your insights.

From the writing you made in response to your challenge – ask yourself the next set of questions

What are the nuggets of wisdom?

What are the clear actions you want to take forward? Pick no more than 5 with clear time frames so you can measure how on track you are.

Then test out the actions by asking;

  •  How realistic & practical are they?
  • How excited you are about taking these on?

And go forth and create… whatever it is you will have come up with new creative angles on your current big challenge

My hope is had more insight into your own unique creative outlook on Life. Just by sticking your hand into a paper bag…which is a lot like Life

i.e. you get as much as you stick your hand into it!

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