Re-treat / What was ignited on our island retreat?

What an absolute wonder cooking up and co-creating Ignite Your Creativity Retreat was… I am still all a glow from the amazing creative connections, ideas and new directions fellow creative retreaters have been discovering for themselves during and since the weekend 22nd-24th March 2013.

I keep thinking about the word re-treat in this way as the retreat still is re-treating me with most splendid of memories, ideas and sense of creative flow…

What would retreaters tell their friends about their time away? Sarah Bellorini, our amazing Personal Biography workshop leader and creative collaborator said;

“Incredible venue, invite only, so very, very special place that not many people have the privilege of experiencing – this adds to the whole experience and energy of the retreat; incredibly safe and creative environment where you can participate as much or as little as you need and want with additional support from very experienced and caring organisers who have your needs as central focus; amazing food and a great loving, affirming space created by all the participants who are hand-picked and are open and able to contribute to the depth of the experience due to where they are at on their creative journey and capacity to contribute to the overall dynamic of the retreat. It is an incredibly special place and space. If you think you’ve been to something like this before, you haven’t! “

Below are selection of snaps captured during our time away together making hand made books, cooking together and learning and performing a new snog specially crafted by a new super band, formed on the island, SuLi! Big hearty creative thanks come from me as the process to create the weekend was not always an easy one – but boy, oh boy well worth every challenge, false start and hic cup along the way. Busy planning the next two in July and November this year…

Will you be there to creatively play?

Playing with colour

Creatively setting the scene for Ignite Your Creativity Retreat

Making a personal treasure map book

Penny Stanford Fold Collective sharing book making skills

Led expertly by Penny Stanford, everyone made their own treasure map books.

Cooking, creating, coaching

Creative cooking, conversations & connections

Creative Retreater Open To Create...

Suke & Lisa creating beautiful music with hand made choir

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