#WOW2013 – post Bag of Creative Surprises…

image by Anna B. Sexton

How To Workshop – Women of the World Festival 2013 @ Southbank Centre


Image by Anna B. Sexton

How to Workshop @ Women of The World 2013 @ Southbank Centre













What a fantastic privilege to work with such a bunch of open minded and willing women today @ WOW 2013, Southbank Centre.

We were 13 women from across different age ranges, backgrounds and careers… who took time out of the schedule of talks, debates and performances to stick their hand into Bag of Creative Surprises workshop.

Feedback included… 

“Brilliant workshop. Wider and more provoking than I had thought. I was surprised by the breadth of experience here to today.”

“Thank you for giving us reflection time. Sharing experiences that we all have – the root of the problem is often our own confidence & self belief.”

‘I gained insights into how to look at things with a different & creative perspective. I was surprised about how much I spoke up within the session.”

“I really appreciate a small session in a big conference, lucky to have been here. It was fun and a chance to be honest (quickly). I surprised myself with my courage.”

“I felt more confidence from hearing other people talk about their problems & solutions. I was surprised by people’s creativity.”

“I looked at my problems from a different perspective and surprised myself by how much I already know about what will make me happier & I make it happen.”

“I really did look outside the box, meeting new people and hearing about their experiences has opened my eyes to possibilities. It was an excellent session.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect and found it more positive than I thought it would be. I enjoyed having the space to think and be myself.”












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