Thankful on Friday

Sometimes when you think there is no real point in going forward – that’s where I was this morning not so cosied up in bed…

I choose to tell the truth about the wealth I have in my Life and all the different places this is gifted to me from and by…

And then I am invited to read Suzie Pindar’s blog after working with her this week…

How delightful to read what I know in my heart to be true, if only I give myself time and space to hear it and re-remember it.

So thank you to Suzie for sharing your gratitude and re-reminding me of why I do what I love i.e. support artists & creatives to grow more and sustain their practices across all the amazing forms of creative self expression.

It is really true that when I / we get grateful for what we have there is more to be shared

The Naked Artist - SUZIE PINDAR

Had a meeting this week, quite last minute on my part with the Creator of ‘Open  To Create’ Anna B Sexton, what a pleasure to meet someone that understands who I am and what I want to achieve and how to make it possible. A big plus in my life to get some confusion out the way and re focus on how to drive myself forward.  I felt upbeat and alive afterwards.

Doing a lot of soul searching at the moment, its interesting to hear ‘ you spend alot of time in your head’ i wonder how i can get out my head. I keep seeing little stick figures working away in my head. Lol

im sat on my bed, waiting for a phonecall from work, but who knows if it will ring today. If not i will be very active today and sort my life out constructively. Do away…

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