Just be yourself… Authentic Creative Networking

… easier said than done, eh?


If just the thought of going to a networking event gives you the chills and finds you doing every sort of displacement activity to avoid the dreaded deed, then there is hope!

I have a passion for people, connecting and connecting people – so networking is going to be easy for me, right?

Well not so. I am like you in that unless I can find a deep enough purpose for stepping out of my comfort zone into the unknown of the networking event, I am as likely to stay in cleaning my windows & decluttering too.

So together with Alison Seddon we have been putting our creative heads & hearts together to investigate what it is that holds us creative types back from maximising the potential for new relationships, partnerships and possible new sources of income when networking.

We started off our own blossoming relationship via a recommendation we hook up from a mutal friend, via Facebook and a cup of tea in a cafe… the rest as they say is history.

And through this chance online and offline hook up we have found a mutal love of designing and delivering new workshops that address real issue facing women artists, creatives & business owners alike.

Authentic Creative Networking has evolved through consulting with each other and our range of exisitng clients about what holds us back from networking and what ways forward work for being real at networking events – on & offline.

We successfully ran this workshop with a group of 20+ people in Liverpool in April 2012 much to the delight of the training delegates one who was blowed over by her breakthrough

“You mean to say that I can chose to just be myself when I go out to network?! This is a revelation. Thanks I feel much more comfortable now I know this & excited to give it a try.” Manager, Housing Association, North of England

We have come up with an interactive one day workshop will de-mystify the techniques and approaches that make networking a fruitful and mutually beneficial way of being, doing and creating successful business relationships. We will give you space for you to think about and refine your purpose for networking, and you will be given chances to practice and play with your skills, both old and new.

And you will have the chance to play with a model of types of networking styles Alison has developed i.e. see which style most fits yours and come away with top tips of how to make the most of your natural way of networking.

This whole process has enlightened us both to how we can being growing our own existing networking skills & networks…

So we look forward to finding out more about your networking tips & stories and meeting you at the workshop…

We will be running the monthly Creative Pit Stop after the workshop from 6pm so feel free to come to this to network with our group freshly pressed and excited about their new found purposes and visions for being real and authentic.

To find out more about the content of the workshop, venue, ticket prices http://issuu.com/annabsexton/docs/authentic_creative_networking_flyer

To sign up for the workshop http://authenticcreativenetworking.eventbrite.co.uk

Alison Seddon’s website www.alisonseddon.com

Open To Create… website www.opentocreate.com

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