Creatively teaching what we need to learn…

Even though spring is sprung some thing so come to an end…

Yet I am so excited, a series of workshops I created from scratch and co-facilitated with a group of inspirational women on my local estate has come to an end. Why would I be excited you ask? Surely not sad? Well I have felt a little sad at the process of working together coming to an end and yet I feel so enlivened through the process.

Originally the task was to find creative ways to inspire women, mainly mums with young families, to re-gain their confidence through getting online and seeking out new ways to learn, find out about new career and study pathways. I was asked as I am known for working with and I am committed to empowering women, and especially those locally to me, so I said yes.

The context was how could we be more healthy, connected and confidence through getting online – what we learnt through joining MyFitnessPal, blogging and using video tutorials to learn about CV writing was that more than getting online working together has boosted all of our health, connectedness & confidence.

The women have come away with renewed confidence in themselves, made new friends and committed to new actions to get back into study and eventually work by working together. They are now published on the web through learning how to blog –

And I have learnt so much from this process – they say you teach what you need to learn and so it has been for me i.e. I have got more healthy through the process and when you have a student who says you taught me never to give up, then really it’s one more time to do as I say. So that’s where the excitement is coming from…more learning through teaching!

What have you been teaching to learn? And what has it supported you to change about your habits?

First posted via Teaching what we need to learn… – Ecademy.

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