What do you do to have fun, hustle and play while you work?

I had the most inspiring conversation with a friend today about his quest to juggle ‘all’ that he needed and wanted to do in the process of setting a new social enterprise venture for young people in Peckham, Southwark, South East London.

My intention in connecting with him was to share some of my own experiences over the last 20 years supporting different types of community based enterprises and organisations to grow and thrive.

He is leading a group of young people, most at risk of exclusion in some way, shape or form. He is leading the group even though the local authority has recently cut youth service provision in the Borough. Even though him and his volunteers are nearly at the end of their own funds to keep this vital community of young people engaging, learning and sharing together.

And we got to talking about about why we do what we do – him leading his band of young people to meet every Friday, to share food and learning together. Me working my vision of giving creative coaching programmes to some of the hardest to reach communities in East and Central London, UK.

We decided it was about a drive to give back, a passion to serve, a vision to make a difference and often the ‘madness’ to try out ideas and risk ‘it won’t work projects’.Yet we also talked about how much weight these drivers, passions and visions can be on ever really feeling ‘like we are making a difference’.

So why do we do what we do? And what we also discussed was those events in our own lives which have shaped us to want to work with others, serve and give back; even though sometimes it all just seems ‘too much’.

Since I was 12 I have been cooking up ways to make money – 1st business ironing my brother’s shirts, fundraising for my local hospital, YMCA, even an Avon round (!) and him running his paper round using his sister to do the delivering for a % cut, giving back through human rights campaigns and numerous volunteering gigs.

And this was the bit we both stopped to laugh as within much of our day to day juggling, pen pushing, social media surfing, box ticking…oh the mis-match of over-worthiness v’ admin drudgery. Especially when governance structures, government departments and commissioning applications are involved!

What I realise is I so often to forget how important having fun, hustling and playing is to what I do, with the big vision underpinning me.

And it got me to thinking – what do you do in your day to day business that makes for fun, hustling and play?


Anna Sexton
Open To Create…
Growing people and communities
07941 655 856

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